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Schuykill Free For All

It’s a good thing they closed the schools today.

My daily route often consists of a drive down Schuylkill Street from 7th to Front. Oftentimes, I’ll check my PO Box at the 7th street post office and take the (sometimes scary) drive back down to Front on Schuylkill.

Nearly every time, I pass two or three houses with groups of five or six men lingering about  in front of the homes. And from nearly every group, I hear the beckoning call of “yo!” or “ay yo!”.

These guys are selling drugs. Without a doubt. I don’t know exactly what drugs, but having spent my fair number of years working in questionable neighborhoods in Newark, NJ, Queens, NY and Bridgeport, CT; there’s no doubt in my mind that, should I ever need to pick up some crack or heroin on my way home from work, I know that a quick drive down Schuylkill would yield me all of the narcotics I could handle.

Earlier today, while on this same route, I slowed down my little black Saab to accomodate the group of four or five school-aged youths walking down the middle of the street. Sunroof and windows wide open, I was enjoying the fresh summer-esque air. I thought to myself, “Why are these kids walking down the street at 1 in the afternoon?” And then I remembered- many Harrisburg schools were dismissed early today due to the heat. (Which, really isn’t all that bad today).

Creeping past at about 12 miles per hour, I saw one of the girls exhaling smoke from her lips. “Ah, kids smoking cigarettes on the walk home from school…I remember those days” I thought to myself. But as I passed the group, I didn’t get a whiff of cigarette smoke. No, friends, this was undoubtedly weed. Pot. Dope. Ganja. Mary Jane.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I’m not necessarily opposed to marijuana use.

But I do take issue with a group of teenagers walking down the street at 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon when Harrisburg schools were dismissed early because of the heat.

Weed? Crack? Smack? Dope?

Find it all on Schuylkill.