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Off The Record- Episode 11

otr-logo1-medHere it is!

Episode Eleven: Battle of The PennLive Bands, Poor State Workers (on the breadline), Trying to explain social networking to the uninitiated elder set, Entourage, The Strip Club Is Coming!, CoTweet, Jersey Bagels, Dave Matthews Telephone Game, We’re Number 1! (In Crime)


Off The Record- The REAL Episode Ten

@sarabozich and I correct a mistake made sometime between Episode 7 and Episode 9, Crackxi, Musicfest Sucks, fireworks at the river (not the city’s), Josh Karns sells out Asia, Jersey sells out Josh Mindlin, Entourage vs. Seinfeld, Stalking John and Kate Plus 8′s House, 20 Fun Things To Do In Harrisburg (If you’re white and have lots of money), Shooting for Jesus, we’ve found the first person to quit Facebook.

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Our heroes in action

Our heroes in action

Off The Record- Episode x

It’s the big one- Episode X (Ten!) of the podcast from Sara Bozich and myself.

This week, it’s: We’re double digits, could you smell it?, dedicated to a select (but large) group of people, 714/717 fun, black people vs white people dress codes, Craigslist Dunkin Donuts Love, fathers day goodness, 17 year old Facebook statuses…and it clocks in at under 30 minutes.

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Off The Record- Episode 9

Iotr-logo1-medt’s been awhile…but we’re back.
Waxing philosophic about the epic fail that is Metro Bank, the new iPhone is ninety nine bucks, things are quicker now– thirty minutes or less, are we too old to buy stuff at Ikea? Gay for Coldplay.


Off The Record- Rules of The Bar

otr-logo1-medIt’s a supplemental episode of Off The Record- with @sarabozich and I. (And it’s a quickie…only about 30 minutes)

We knew that there were going to be weeks that our schedules just didn’t sync up…so we taped a few for the archives. “Lost episodes”, if you will.

And this is one of em. We wax poetic for about a half hour…wash your hands, avoid bachelorette parties, be polite, tip big, no dutch ovens, Sara has been dancing on bars since she was six years old..