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Invisible Children

Got a call from Roxbury yesterday alerting me to a group from San Diego that had gathered on the steps of the Capitol in an effort to raise awareness of the horrific war happening in Uganda which enlists children (ages 7-15) as its soldiers.

Movement leaders Laren Poole and Zach Barows were in Uganda about five years ago filming an unrelated documentary when the vehicle they were traveling behind was blown up by the child-soldiers.

Enraptured by the story of the war being led by Joseph Kony, Poole and Barrows were compelled to tell the story of the plight of these innocent children.

Currently, there are roughly three thousand youths enslaved to war and the US has been ignoring what could be an easy humanitarian effort to save the lives of innocent children.

The concept of The Rescue- (the hundred-city rally organized by Poole and Barrows) is that a group of locally organized individuals rallies in a central location of a city. In order for the group to be “rescued”, an A-List celebrity or politician must pledge to do their part to bring this cause to the forefront of the national political arena.

To date, the group has raised over a half-million dollars for their efforts and it looks as if they will not rest until this senseless war is ended.

I stopped at the Capitol Sunday afternoon and had a brief chat with the organizers about their cause…