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I Told You So

In June of 2006, I was doing afternoon shifts on WTPA-FM in Harrisburg. Yes, at one point, I was an FM Radio DJ. Most of the timeslots I had were late at night or overnight (Midnight-6AM)

Needless to say, I’m not an FM Radio DJ anymore. But it was a fun little stint of my life.

One afternoon (a Tuesday, I think) I came to the station about twenty minutes early to prepare for my shift. And this particular week, all that anyone could talk about was the unfortunate motorcycle accident involving Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

For the record, your honor, I must state that I am not, nor have I ever been, a football fan. (Or any major-league sport, for that matter.). It’s just not in me. Never have, probably never will. So on the day after Big Ben’s motorcycle crash, I decided to kick off my shift (at around 3PM) with a break informing the hundred-thousand-or-so listeners that I would not be discussing the motorcycle accident of Ben Roethlisberger at all during that day. My justification was three fold- 1. EVERY single other media outlet was discussing it. 2. I’m not a sports fan and 3. Well, take a listen:


Before the air had exited my mouth of the last sentence about “Big Ben”, the phone lines were jammed. I got calls threatening to KILL me. Literally. Some dude called in and said that he was going to kill me for talking so badly about “Big Ben” – the guy who won the Super Bowl. The Crown Jewel of Pennsylvania sports.

“Trapper” – one of the other jocks on the station – called in to the hotline (the line assigned for inter-office communication) and also joined the “I’m gonna kick the shit out of Jersey Mike” party. You see, “Trapper” is a big motorcycle buff AND a big Steelers fan.

So shortly after the break, the program director buzzed in and advised me to offer an “apology” on air. Which you can hear here: apology

Not only that, but the following morning, I got an email advising me that I was on a two week suspension from the station. (Which didn’t really hurt, considering part-time radio jocks earn less than a clerk at Sheetz. I think my rate was around seven bucks an hour)

So the point of this post is simple: I was right, you were wrong, WTPA staff and hundreds of people who wanted me dead. The guy now has his very own “Likes Not Being Raped By Ben Roethlesberger” Facebook Page. I wonder if Trapper and the rest of the crew at WTPA “Like” that page as well?

Look, I know that sometimes I can be off base or “hit below the belt” – but I never say or type anything that I don’t stand behind 1,000%. And that goes for everything.

A Year In Review Through The Eyes of Jersey Mike

It’s that time of year. A time for us to look back and reflect on everything that made oh-nine the winner of a year that it was.

So here they are- my favorite blog-moments of the year.

Janks Goes To Jail- Captain Janks from the Howard Stern show was making his rounds at dive bars hustling for cash to get more Oxycontin. And with the help of this here blog, he’s sitting in a jail cell right now. Making sweet prison love to a guy named Bubba.

Simple Sneakers Makes Good- I bought my first pair of Simple Sneakers in 1995. And I still have them. But the new pair I bought in oh-seven fell apart. And Simple proved to me that they ARE a company with a good moral fiber running through them.

Dunkin Donuts Cleans House I love me a medium hazelnut, cream and sugar. And I want it QUICK. The Dunkin Donuts on Second Street was in shambles…and I like to think that this blog shined some light on it. Thereby effecting DD Corporate to clean house. Now the coffee is quicker.

Baby’s First Stalker I had a stalker this year. (S)he was sending me a plethora of odd items in the mail. And writing this simple letter and posting it on my site dissuaded any additional packages.

A Blogger Meets A McNugget Schiller
I had this great idea to track down the guy who did the “I’m Into Nuggets, Y’all” rap commercial for McDonalds and write a story about viral videos. I thought it came out great…but it was one of my least-read posts of the year. Oh well.

“Pathetic Blogger” is born Our fearless new mayor (If Reed was “Mayor for Life”, Linda is “Mayor for Now”) made a comment to the press. It was “Those people on those blogs are really pathetic people”. And a sensation was born. Fear not, Linda. We’re pathetically plotting our plans….

Papenfuse Sign Language
Remember the hulabaloo over the Capital Blue Cross signs on Front Street? That was a heluva time we had, wasn’t it? And it was also a win for the little guy. High five, once again, Eric. Tremendous win for the people.

And one of my favorite stories of the year- Semantic Adventureland. “Bro…if I returned this movie the day after I rented it…and it was on-time, you or you or you [there were three employees behind the counter at this point] would have to take that movie from the return bin and place it back on the shelf where it belongs. “Comedy”, in with the “B’s” somewhere after Back To The Future and before Boogie Nights. And you wouldn’t charge me a restocking fee then, would you?”

Off The Record- Episode 11

otr-logo1-medHere it is!

Episode Eleven: Battle of The PennLive Bands, Poor State Workers (on the breadline), Trying to explain social networking to the uninitiated elder set, Entourage, The Strip Club Is Coming!, CoTweet, Jersey Bagels, Dave Matthews Telephone Game, We’re Number 1! (In Crime)


Off The Record- The REAL Episode Ten

@sarabozich and I correct a mistake made sometime between Episode 7 and Episode 9, Crackxi, Musicfest Sucks, fireworks at the river (not the city’s), Josh Karns sells out Asia, Jersey sells out Josh Mindlin, Entourage vs. Seinfeld, Stalking John and Kate Plus 8′s House, 20 Fun Things To Do In Harrisburg (If you’re white and have lots of money), Shooting for Jesus, we’ve found the first person to quit Facebook.

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Our heroes in action

Our heroes in action

Off The Record- Episode x

It’s the big one- Episode X (Ten!) of the podcast from Sara Bozich and myself.

This week, it’s: We’re double digits, could you smell it?, dedicated to a select (but large) group of people, 714/717 fun, black people vs white people dress codes, Craigslist Dunkin Donuts Love, fathers day goodness, 17 year old Facebook statuses…and it clocks in at under 30 minutes.

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