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Two Bloggers Walk Into A Bar (OTR Episode 3)

otr-logo1-medEpisode III.2 (the first one was just SO scattered that we decided to throw it in the vault and have our first do-over) is now up and streaming.

Content: Sara falls through a sewer grate, Jersey got de-friended by his sister (again), Randy King and Eric Waters are pretty swell guys, 420-ness, Craigslist advice component, 9 billion chickens, Sara’s book is 27.334 percent off on Amazon, the “new” Patriot, Midtown Cinema, Meet the candidates, Road Rage, Ashton vs. Oprah vs. CNN, Blogger arrested for blogging.

Enjoy! And please send any feedback to offtherecordhbg[at]gmail[dot]com

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