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Uhh, Yeah Dude

Never been much of a podcast-kind-of-guy.

Although I did always sort of enjoy AM Talk Radio (in a totally guilty-pleasure kind of way) so, once again, I’m a bit late to the party in discovering what could be the funniest G.D. podcast I’ve ever heard.

(Get it? Get the joke? I’ve only really listened to one podcast so I don’t have much to base this on.)

But I DO know funny when I hear it.

It’s called Uhh, Yeah Dude

And Gawd Dammit, Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette are the funniest pair of dudes I have  heard together since…I don’t know… Chris Farley and David Spade? Vince Vaughn and Jon Faverau? Abbott and Costello?

Maybe more like Opie and Anthony if Opie and Anthony talked about intelligent topics rather than boobies and beer.


I was in my parents’ basement preparing to come home to fair-and-honest Harrisburg  and decided to randomly download some podacsts. I wasn’t really in the mood for music but wanted something in my ears to drown the chatter of a train full of travelling holiday revelers with all of their coughing and texting and yapping and crying.

So naturally, I browsed the Comedy section of iTunes and discovered my happiest discovery in many moons.

You see, I like to laugh. But I’m far too cynical to really laugh hard much these days. Don’t get me  wrong; I do see the humor in many situations but it’s more of a dark, bleak kind of humor.

Remember two sentences ago when I was bitching about the noisy, germ-spreading, whiney people on the train whom I wanted to block myself off from by listening to a podcast?

Well, I became the noisy douchebag sitting across the aisle who was laughing uncrontrollably at these two seemingly stoner-type dudes who, essentially, sit around and bullshit together for just about an hour once a week covering current events.

But they’re more like two just really funny guys who you probably know and listening to the show is like sitting at the bar with them as they go round for round – but instead of “the bar” going “round for round”, it’s more like being in a “living room” passing a “bong” back and forth.

It’s chock full of eff bombs. (Which I love) It’s chock full of sarcasm. (Which I adore) And it’s a nice change of pace to the normal hum-drum bullshit floating around the innerwebs and talk shows these days.

(If you do decide to check it out (which you totally should), pay attention to the cadence of how they say the eff word. I lose it every time they say it. It’s not like you’d normally sling that word. The emphasis is more on the “ck” than the “fu”.

So uhh, yeah dude. Go listen.

(You’re welcome)

Jersey Hardcore

Randomly stopped into Maxwell’s in Hoboken late last night. I was looking forward to checking out some bands- but similar to sweet-home-Harrisburg, North Jersey is littered not with McDonalds bags and Dunkin Donuts coffee cups, but with crappy cover bands in nearly every bar and venue.

Even the place across the street from my brothers apartment- although ’twas a pretty cool bar, they had some pretty lame acoustic duo from Long Island playing horrible Dave Matthews and Sublime covers. When they said “anything you guys wanna hear?” I belted out “Tenacious D!” – they chuckled and said “sorry man- don’t know any.” (I’m sorry, but if you’re going to play fucking covers all night, you better know one or two Tenacious D tunes.)

ANYWAY- went into Maxwell’s and really dug this band called I.D.K. Immediately thought of early Black Flag/Rollins – and the association is blatant- the lead singer covered in ink and pretty well built and has that same kind of go-ahead-and-try-it…I’ll-kick-your-ass attitude.

Apparently, the I.D.K was a pretty well received North Jersey Hardcore band for about ten years in the early nineties. Touring the country on their “To kill for the good of the fight for the right to be right” EP on Bush League records and followed up with one or two more. But they disbanded for some time from 1998 til today- and now are back again.

I knew nothing of these guys before wandering into Maxwell’s at the end of last night- but was certainly impressed, not only with their live set, but by the dedication and energy being thrown back to them from the forty or fifty kids in front of the stage.

Sort of looking at it as my unexpected good find of the day-

Dig it-
What’s the deal? by I.D.K.

Moviate Open Screening at ABC- Tonight


Bring a Super-8mm, 16mm, or Video (Dvd, MiniDV, VHS) that you have made to be screened.
Or, Come see what others have been creating.
Sign in between 7:30-8pm if you’d like to show something.
At the Abbey Gallery in the Appalachian Brewing Company,
50 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg.

8PM-9:30PM. FREE.

It’s like open-mic for films! for more info

Must See TV- Fred Clark on PCN

Tune in to PCN tonight- Monday October 13, 2008 at 7PM- for an hour long live-call-in show featuring Harrisburg’s favorite “consultant” and restauranteur Fred Clark.

PCN airs on Comcast in Harrisburg at channel 74.

PCN’s Call-In program airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., the hour-long interactive call-in program allows PCN viewers to speak directly with government officials, newsmakers, and other knowledgeable parties on current commonwealth issues. Viewers are welcome to call during the program by dialing, toll-free, 1-877-PA6-5001 (1-877-726-5001)

Tweetup Week!

Is it? Could it? Can it? Is it possibly?

It is! Central PA Tweetup/Bloggers Bash is this week.

(I know this because it’s the third Thursday of the month. Which also is a week that I don’t have to worry about street cleaning. Which is a week that I don’t have to worry about parking tickets. Which is  a week that…is a Tweetup week.)

I was (boastfully) unable to attend last months Tweetup because I was in New York City participating in debauchery with The Hold Steady at a bank of all places. And the only thing more important to me than my fellow Twitterers is The Hold Steady.

“What is a Tweetup?” you ask…A Tweetup is where all of us Twitter/Social Media/Blogger Types congregate at The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company from 7-9PM and talk blogger/social media/Twitter talk over beers and wings for a couple of hours.

If you write a blog/Tweet/Facebook or whatever - then you’re invited.

Need more inspiration? Read what the bloggers have to say about these super-fun and mega-informative social events-


Kathleen Meets The Internet

Sara Bozich

Wild Ars Chase


WHAT: October Central PA Tweetup
WHEN: Thursday October 16 7-9PM
WHERE: The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company
WHY: Because we should.