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Linda Better Start Promoting

Today is June 23. It’s about 5:30 in the afternoon and a Wednesday. The “Harrisburg Jazz and Multi-Cultural Festival” Hosted By, er, was-Hosted By-But-Now-It-Ain’t-By-Mayor Linda Thompson begins in ten days and there’s nary a calendar, schedule, email blast, Facebook invite or even a TWEET to be found.

Sure, the city is in rough shape and whether or not this poorly-renamed “festival” was even going to happen was up in the air until only about a month ago, but you’ve got an event that you’ve known about since BEFORE you took office and there’s been nothing but BAD INK about it since the renaming- it’s time to HIT THE STREETS.

To make matters worse, the “headliner” of the “Jazz and Multi-Cultural Festival” has been announced…but it ain’t much worth getting excited about. The Duke Ellington Legacy Band – a band formed by the Jazz legend’s, ahem, grandchildren. (which, I guess is better than last year’s American Music Fest headliner – an Asia tribute band)

Look, I might not be qualified to comment on the finances of the city or the wacky situation involving the Harrisburg Authority and the incestuous nature that the appointments are taking, but I DO know a thing or two about booking a show and promoting events and I can say with full confidence that the 2010 American Music Fest Harrisburg Jazz and Multi Cultural Festival is going to be a major disappointment unless the new parks and rec director pulls a gigantic Raven out of his hat and brings back Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jim Morrison from the dead to headline a show on a stage borrowed from Pink Floyd and has Bill Graham come down from the skies to promote it.


Are there any bands booked for this thing? I titled the post the way I did because Linda Thompson is hosting this thing- so, who better to ask than the HOST, right?

Get with it, guys. And if you can’t figure out this part of the administration, HIRE someone to do it.

The Never Really Imitated, Kinda-Sorta-Duplicated-Super Once Monthly Harrisburg Bloggers Bash (And Twitterers Too)

Has it been a month already?

It’s that time again-

The third (official) monthly Harrisburg Area Blogger/Twitterers Meetup- this Thursday July 17 from 7-9PM- this time we’re meeting on the deck at The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company.

(We’re meeting on the deck because Harrisburg Young Professional Kickballers invade The Abbey post-kickball matches for the next seven weeks)

SO- Harrisburg Young Professionals who are also local bloggers AND play kickball in the summer league have no excuse for not stopping by this action-packed gathering of your favorite local blogo-heros.

Join the likes of By Daniel Victor, Dave from Floor-9 and BlogHarrisburg, Mike with HarrisburgNightlife, Bill from the Linglestown Gazette, Shawn Farner, John from Capital Ideas and yours truly for a couple hours of progressive thoughts and ideas, our version of Cheers and Jeers while chilling with your peers over discounted beers (three bucks from 8-10PM).

(Rumor has it that Sara Bozich and D. Editor of the Central PA Gazelle are really the same person- (either that or they’re dating) which explains why both have yet to make an appearance.)
The BlogHarrisburg/Harrisburg Tweetups have been gaining momentum since the offical launch nearly four months ago.

The first Tweetup saw about a half dozen bloggers. The following meeting more than doubled and last months shindig saw nearly twenty different URL holders waxing philosophic at ABC.

So, to summarize-

WHAT: Harrisburg Bloggers/Twitterers meetup (we say ‘bloggers’, but really, EVERYONE is welcome)

WHERE: The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg (This month is on the deck)

WHY: Because we should.

On Deck…

Here are a couple of items I’ve been stewing about for quite some time but have chose not to write extensively about until my battle with The City over the Amusement Tax comes to an amicable conclusion. Think of this post as a teaser of things to come from that loudmouth from Jersey. (Who often goes “where he doesn’t need to go”, according to one local official)


In my personal, extensive, exhaustive experience, Dauphin County Domestic Relations (DCDR) has been the most absolutely demeaning, degrading, biased, racist, bigoted, unfair “public” service office I have EVER, EVER, EVER had to deal with.

I’d rather spend a week-straight waiting in line at a combination of PennDot, Traffic Court and The Dentist than spend a single minute within the 70′s decorated walls of the Dauphin County Domestic Relations office.

And I say this as a single Dad who’s always paid my child support on time- regardless of what DCDR has to say.

You see, I have a MAJOR problem with being generalized as a human being.

And there is no other “public” office that does a better job at generalizing people than DCDR.

I’ve been to the hearings. I’ve dealt with the “officers” (if you can call them that). I’ve sat in the stinky, filthy, dirty, closed-circuit camera policed waiting room, biting my nails just hoping that I get to see an officer that has an ounce of humility and compassion.

But we never do.

And this battle, friends, isn’t about me getting the short end of the stick.

This is different than getting a parking ticket or getting towed or getting raped taxed for entertaining the public.

No, friends. This particular battle is about what is right and what is just and what is fair. 

And in my experience, The Dauphin County Domestic Relations system does not treat men fairly. 

And we’ll explore that further in the months to come…


It’s a big one, kids.

(And come to think of it, I’m sure I’ll be writing about this one before the Amusement Tax is reformed)

Let’s be real for a second here.

There is no justifiable reason for any elected official to be in office for more than two consecutive terms.

Maybe it’s “fear of the unknown” or “fear of change” or just downright voter apathy that’s kept this guy in office for as long as he’s been.

But the time has come for a changing of the guard in Harrisburg.

And I’m not going to sit here and get into a pissing match with filthyman or hbgtruth or steven119 about the merits of a man who has sat in a smoky office for twenty five years spending our tax dollars on Annie Oakley’s gun and a Vampire Hunting kit while crack is being sold by twelve year olds at the corner of Green and Muench.

We can rename all of the neighborhoods we’d like- but the fact remains: we’re due for a new Mayor.

I’d hate to say it like this, but at this point- it’s Anyone But Reed. 

The Primary is creeping up quick. And don’t be fooled by all of the “news” lately.

Oh, do you think it’s a coincidence that we’re hearing about our streets finally being repaved? Or that there’s this miraculous new two-hundred-plus-million dollar deal to whore out lease our parking garages to a NYC investment firm?

Pay attention, Harrisburg. It’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

Farm Show 2008: Believe The Hype

Having spent my first couple of years living in Central PA with a large chip on my shoulder, I never did make the pilgrimage to the annual Farm Show each January.

I guess I missed the eighty-sixth through the ninety-first.

But zooo-WEEE is the ninety second a doozy!

For YEARS, I ignored the siren-like beckons of “the food is AMAZING” and “yinz haven’t been to the FARM SHOW!?”

The responses I’d get proceeding my informing people that I hadn’t ever been to a Farm Show could be likened to my reaction to someone telling me that they have not seen the movie “Garden State”.

But now, I guess I can say my legacy of being a Central Pennsylvania resident is complete.

I, my friends, have just returned from my first visit to the Ninety Second Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show.

And boy oh BOY did it live up to the hype.

I cannot think of a better way to spend my Sunday afternoon than trudging through throngs of families as we slosh through the gobs and gobs of pig pee and cow dung…but the cows and pigs are so darn cute that I could barely complain about the smell.

And oh, the smell- how convenient is it, after inhaling a rib-wich, fried cheese balls on a stick, a baked potato, a bag of nuts, a fresh chocolate milkshake and a handful of samplings of turkey jerkey, venison sausage and bison meat, to browse through aisle after aisle of every imaginable breed and species of swine and bovine…while adding ones OWN scent to the already-tasty aromatic atmosphere?

And for the romantic at heart- have a gander at these- first, it’s a pair of pigs spooning.
Spooning Pigs

But wait, it gets better-

What’s better than two spooning pigs?

Well shucks, how about a FARMER spooning with a pig!

Ah yes, the two thousand and eight Pennsylvania Farm Show.

What have I been missing all these years?

But in all seriousness, if you don’t mind wading through farm animal feces and thousands upon thousands of wide-eyed Pennsylvanians, take a trip to the Farm Show. It’s a fun day, the food really is delectable and unique and, best of all, you may get to see this guy- the loudest damn pig I’ve ever, ever heard.

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Caught Me A Kitten

Well, not really.

My friend Erin was up in Marysville and saw a sign outside of a farm that said “Free Kittens” – so she grabbed this one-

Kaiya’s psyched-

Okay, enough about pussycats…we’ll get back to local politics soon…

‘Cause there’s TONS of good stuff happening…