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Ask Her For Aderall

Telephone call for Dr. Horrible

The first thing I thought of when my friend Dawn told me about this “hilarious new web-series” called Dr. Horrible was the They Might Be Giants song Mr. Horrible.

And strangely enough, the song Mr. Horrible would sync up perfectly with the theme of the new web-series Dr. Horrible.

Oh, you haven’t seen it yet?

Go here.

It’s seriously one of those things that you have to give a few minutes to kick in…but it’s pretty damn funny.

Neil Patrick Harris (yup, Doogie Howser) plays a wanna-be evil superhero who meets his nemesis Captain Hammer and they wind up battling over the girl. (Spoiler: “The hammer is my penis”)

And it’s a great watch.

Act I is thirteen minutes long. Act II is about the same. And I simply cannot wait for Act III (which launches next week)

Dig it, dawgs.

In Support of the Stay Positive leak…

This is from John Tyler-

I guess it pretty much sums it up-

I just got done reading the whole thread that you linked from, and wanted to respond to your post because I felt it was nice to read something that was even handed and not proselytizing.

On a personal level (read: delete this at will from the comments, but I just want to toss this out there), the Hold Steady are one of a handful of artists who are capable of genuinely effecting me. More than any other band they regularly reach for and attain the Modernist ideal of transcendence.

As much as any fan might feel loyal to the band, I think its important to remember why we feel that way in the first place: the way the music can touch us.

I was in a terrible place today and listening to Stay Positive, that changed. The album turned my day around, and considering that I am at a significant transitional point in my life right now, I can safely say that its effects will extend far beyond the next few hours.

Of course that doesn’t change anything about the ethics of intellectual property or artists’ rights, but I think it does demonstrate that at the end of the day the work of art is more important than the means of distribution.

Those of us who are (or, at least consider ourselves to be) fans will buy the album, see the shows, and buy Craig and the boys as many rounds of drinks as we can afford, regardless of listening to an advance copy.

I agree that whoever posted the leak probably isn’t a fan. I don’t feel bad for downloading the album, but even still I wouldn’t post a leak if the band had trusted me with an advance.

I think you’re right and that any negative feelings people are experiencing right now should be directed towards the person(s) who acted intentionally and in violation of a
trust (express or implied) that had been granted to them by the band. The leak will not cause me to give one penny less to the band than I would otherwise, but the person who leaked it has certainly made sure that the band will be deprived of income from other (non-fan) individuals, and that person should feel guilty. But I won’t.

Already this album has made me shudder, laugh, smile, and cry. I’ve already taken its title to heart, and that is what matters.

And even if Craig, Franz, and Koob show up at my house tomorrow and, as people trying to make a living tell as artists, tell me that they’re upset that I downloaded the album; I still think that they, as artists, would be happy that their creation, their music, their art is helping people to be happy, feel unified, and stay positive. Even if it is two months early.

blogHarrisburg/Harrisburg Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, 05/22/08, a handful of us local bloggers & Twitterers (is that the right word for Twitter users?) are getting together at Appalachian Brewing Company on Cameron Street for food, suds, and general camaraderie.  We’ll be upstairs at the Abbey Bar, which means plenty of free WiFi and smoke-free air.  The meetup is open to anyone from Central PA who partakes in any form of new media — blogs, podcasts, and what have you — along with all of our new-found local friends on Twitter.  Things will get started at 6pm, and we’ll probably wrap up around 9.

We’ve had a few of these meetups before, and they’ve always been a lot of fun.  More of a friendly get-together than a formal presentation, this is a great chance to come out and meet your fellow bloggers / Twitter users.  Put some faces to the templates, if you will.

Since this will be the first meeting for (hopefully) a lot of us, we’re going to keep things lightweight.  In the future, we’ll cover topics like promotion, advertising & revenue, SEO, publishing platforms, and more.  But for right now, the plan is to make this more of a meet-and-greet than anything else.  One thing we’ll definitely be discussing is the demand for (and frequency of) future meetings, so if you have any interest whatsoever in helping to shape the Central PA blogging community, you’ll definitely want to be here.  We’ll also be talking about how we can incorporate more of the local blogging community on blogHarrisburg.

So grab a friend and come join us!  If you have any questions, visit

To whom it may concern at PennLive,

Here’s my good deed of the day:

Whoever is in charge of your self-promotion, go over to and register “pennlive” for an account.

We’d hate to see you not get the domain name which would be the most effective to keeping your Website in the sight lines of the 18-34 demo.



PS- If you think only us lowly bloggers are using it, check out WHP 21′s Tweets.