3/4 Of The Mayoral Candidates Debate Recap


Wouldn’t it be great if we could take the best parts of Linda Thompson, Les Ford, Nevin Mindlin AND Steve Reed; roll them all into one super-candidate and then vote for that hybrid?

Based on what I saw last night, I’m still on the fence with regard to my vote on May 19th.

If we could take Linda’s fire, Les’ intelligence, Nevin’s patience and Reed’s established connections and somehow mix them all together, MAN would we have a great Mayor.

But all four candidates still leave something to be desired.

Les and Sheila assured me that what I said in my last candidates night review was simply not true. And although Sheila tries to influence Les, the man stands on his own. Whether that’s good or bad is still to be determined. But one thing’s for sure…if Les wants to effectively communicate his vision to the public, he’s going to need to tone down his vocabulary and speak to his audience…not three levels above them.

Nevin had some great answers to (mostly) slow-pitch questions. Specifically, his idea to create a legislative body for School Board while keeping the Mayor on as CEO. Similar to the Mayor/City Council dynamic, this does seem like (at least) a good transitional plan to give control of the school board back to…the school board.

Reed wasn’t there. He thought it was more important to remind the Hispanic community to wash their hands and avoid travel to Mexico than attend and participate in a debate planned for months.

And Linda.

Oh, Linda. After the debate, I had a brief moment with her to address the “Kill Whitey” statement in my last post about the debates. We are tentatively scheduled to tape a conversation with Roxbury to talk about the race issue in the city.

But two things stuck out in my mind about her answers last night: 1st- she all but said that she’ll be voting “NO” on the proposed Keystone Opportunity Zone tonight. And two: she said that, in order to encourage more African American male teachers in the Harrisburg School District, that she would explore the option of offering incentives and bonuses to black men to teach in the district.


It’s still anybody’s race.

And my vote is still up for the taking.

I’m just hoping one of these four does something spectacular to win my confidence.

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  1. btrain12 says:


    I don’t understand your reluctance to embrace Linda’s persona or more market-based incentive solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Policies should drive candidacy choices, not personalities, if at all possible. You might not understand why Linda has that ‘fire,’ as you call it, but I hope it doesn’t distract you, or anyone really, from focusing on what is important.

    Furthermore, I believe the Honorable Ms. Thompson is trying to look out for ALL taxpayers in the city, not just the few that have connections and coin. I believe she opposes the KOZ based on that principle and that alone. And, remember she has never voted to raise taxes in all her time in office. From my perspective, Linda always has shown constancy and consciousness when trying to apply her principles to her politics.

    I hope this helps your perhaps and others when trying to choose this May 19th.

    Choo choo. . .