Toubab Tuesday

They’re back!

Toubab Krewe rolls their biodeisel fueled bus back to The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company for an early “Evening With” show-

Doors at 7 and the show’ll start nice and early (due to the early-in-the-week status of this show)

Tickets are onsale now at the host stand at Appalachian Brewing Company or Roundtable Tickets for eight bucks in advance or twelve at the door.


  1. stoneman says:

    JM – What time is the music slated to begin? Just trying to plan my evening (and sleep) accordingly.

  2. cogitobsw says:

    What qualifies as “early”? Just looking for an approximate estimate of when they’ll be taking the stage so I can pace break in my dancing shoes accordingly.

  3. jerseym says:

    Early is VERY early by Harrisburg Bar standards-

    Doors at 7- the Krewe hits the stage around 8:30 – and you’ll be able to be home by midnight.

    (Note: “Able” is the key word there.)

    (Sidenote: Cogitobsw- please introduce yourself to me on Tues- I’d love to put a face to a screename- you too, Stoneman)

  4. stoneman says:

    TK was an awesome time as usual! Many thanks for bringing them to town. This business can’t be easy but your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    As I am constantly reminded of when I head out for great tunes, HBG just isnt a music-friendly place.