To whom it may concern at PennLive,

Here’s my good deed of the day:

Whoever is in charge of your self-promotion, go over to and register “pennlive” for an account.

We’d hate to see you not get the domain name which would be the most effective to keeping your Website in the sight lines of the 18-34 demo.



PS- If you think only us lowly bloggers are using it, check out WHP 21′s Tweets.


  1. Shawn Farner says:

    LOL, love it. PennLive has the potential to be something great but they manage only to be an online version of the Patriot. My college paper does the same thing, but worse; they update maybe twice a week, since that’s how often the paper is printed. I’m THIS close to taking them on.

  2. DaniPA says:

    Yeah but WHP’s use of twitter really sucks. They bombard you with stories 1st thing in the AM, and nothing else for the rest of the day. Plus they don’t follow anyone back.

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