Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese

If I told you it was the closest I’d come to an orgasm tonight; that may be an understatement.

Taylor Ham is one of those things I choose to not want to know the ingredients of.

It’s sort of a salty mix between bacon, sausage, ham and bologna in thin 8/10 of an ounce slices.

I’m sure if I was to take a tour of the Taylor Ham factory in Trenton, New Jersey, I’d quickly change my mind about the certifiably Garden State delicacy.

Sure, you can get pork roll in Pennsylvania supermarkets; but I kTaylor Ham-The one and onlynow for a FACT that we can’t find real deal and genuine Taylor Ham anywhere in the Commonwealth’s borders.

See, growing up in Northeast Jersey, there were two breakfast options.

Either a bagel with cream cheese or a Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese with either a medium coffee in the blue “New York City” coffee cupCoffees, a YooHoo or an OJ of some sort.

Tie it all up with a copy of the Daily News and it’s a great morning.

My parents came down to see Kai and I this weekend. They make it out here a few times a year and each time my Dad calls before they leave, he asks if I need anything from home.

I guess that I’ve finally arrived at the point that all I need from home anymore is some good bagels from Goldbergs on Route 17, Parmesan cheese from Visentini Brothers in Lodi and some Taylor Ham from the Shop Rite.

Life is good.


  1. yosh says:

    Nonna’s Delisioso in the Broad Street Market (soon to be Reily St.) sells wonderful breakfast sandwitches with taylor ham on a fresh made rool.

  2. jerseym says:

    Nice! I’m seriously looking forward to that place being open during the week.

  3. B.K says:

    I had one taylor ham egg and cheese in my life and it was the most delicious thing i have ever sunk my teeth in to. it basically melted in my mouth and made me the happiest man alive for about 1 minute until the sandwich was gone, but still i will remember that minute of my life forever. thank you taylor ham for being so damn delicious.

  4. Nonna's says:

    Thanks Josh and Mike. Yes we have your Taylor Ham, Egg and cheese sandwiches. Unfortunatly, only on Wednesday thru Saturday. That will change soon! WE CAN’T WAIT TO BE A PART OF MIDTOWN fulltime!! Thanks for your support. R&G!!@Nonnas

  5. CHERYL ODOWD says:

    I lived around the corner from a taylor pork roll plant in trenton during the 60s.I worked the boards at Seaside Heights for 3 yrs during my summers in college and lived across the street from the pork roll stand there on the boards. You just cannot get it out of your system. I lived in Alaska for 10 years and my Aunt Susie would smuggle me 6lb rolls of it in her luggage-her boyfriend was afraid that Canadian customs would find it when they arrived for the night in Vancouver!! No one left in jersey to get it for me so I now am surfing the net to treat my new neighbors to the wonders of pork roll(its been 5 yrs and I need a fix bad!!!)

  6. jerseym says:


    Thanks for checking in!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a druggie-esque addiction to the Northern Jersey delicacy.